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Pamala Henderson

President and Founder

Pamala Henderson is a Health and Life insurance agent who started PHD Financial in 2010. This industry became her focus after losing $200,000 in her own retirement plan account. In her efforts to make that money back, she discovered annuity products.

Helping others make money and avoid losing it is her crusade; simplicity, honesty, and clarity are her core values.

Pamala has an MA in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a Master of Business Administration from National University. Additionally, she has an extensive background in finance, working in the mortgage market at multiple jobs, including with the FNMA for 18 years as a Senior Negotiator in the secondary mortgage market.

Pamala resides in Altadena with her four dogs, pit bulls named Angel Gabriel, OttoPup, Caesar, and Happy Trey. When not working, she spends her time helping others in a number of ways, and her dogs participate, too. For example, Reading to the Rescue & Reading Isn’t Ruff, where kids read to dogs. She is also a trustee of multiple charitable organizations, including:¬†Victory Institutional Baptist Church; Karma Dog Rescue, and Ready to the Rescue.

about pamala and her dogs
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